About Comeup

Comeup is an activewear brand that brings together designs with functional fabrics and aesthetic designs with sports enthusiasts to bring a new breath to the adventurous and energetic city life.

Comeup men and women collections redefine the performance fashion with its products arising from the striking combination of current fashion trends with activewear. Functional products with the eye-catching harmony of fashion and sports, while providing performance during your training, aim to increase your comfort in your daily life by accompanying your every moment with their aesthetic designs.


Responsive website, easy and basic design. Products made with high-quality materials and we need to show this.

My Role

I managed all design processes. Helped client to define the problem and helped them to solve it.


Product, produced with high-quality materials. For this reason, the price is higher than the average in turkey. People who entered this website, should know this product as a hight-quality and feel the premium quality. Also, competitors are tuff. Some of the companies are Nike, Adidas, puma, reebok.

User Interface

Our main focus was simple, basic, and minimalist design. Simple images with short and clear texts.


Used fluid grid, 30px gutter size, 130px column width and 1920px container size. It was important for us to use a fluid grid. Because the client wanted to show their products with big images.


I used geometrica font for this project. Because Geometrica is a low contrast rounded geometric Sans Typography. Comes with simplicity, modern and minimalist. Which is what we need.


I used black & white as predominant colors. Our goal was reach to minimalist and basic design.

Home Page

Our goal on the home page was to show as many products and campaigns as possible. While doing these, I preserved simplicity and essence.

Category Page

Users can easily use filters if needed. Also, users can easily move to a different category and show different products.

Product Page

This was the most important page. It was hard for us to choose the best fit for the user. The main challenge was showing different colors of the product. I created a simple, basic, and user-friendly UI for the customer. The details about the product are also shown very basic.

Shopping Card

User Card

Mobile Pages

Mobile pages optimized for all devices, with all resolutions. When I design for a desktop, in order not to cause trouble on mobile, I designed layouts carefully. Turkey's mobile usage on e-commerce is about 60%. For this reason, mobile-friendly websites are very important.


1: Responsive design, mobile, web and desktop support.
Designed for all devices, and optimized for all screens. My main focus was mobile always. So in every step of design, I always tried to design mobile-friendly layouts.

2: Showing product with detailed pictures
One of the main challenges was, showing products made with high-quality materials. We used a fluid grid with big product images when the user comes to the product page. When they hover on the image, they can see the bigger product images witch zooming on the cursor.

3: General Overview
It was a pretty fun and good experience for me in general. Some challenges were hard. But as a result, I managed issues, problems and solved them.